Saturday, 27 October 2018

Pictures from my studio.

 All of the ceramics in these photos is work I have created, inspired by historical styles. 
I mostly work in stoneware.

 Above; plate painted in the style of the Ilkahnid - the Mongol Empire in Persia.

Below; a carved plate, part of my 'Gothic' range, inspired by architecture of the era, in partuicular arch shapes and stained glass windows.

 A plate with painting of a gazelle in the Iranian style of the 8thC.

Above and below, mugs designed to speak of European art origins and the Lasceaux Caves.

 Above; a set of feast-ware with an Egyptian motif in the Persian style of about 8thC.

Some paintings;
 Above; study for a painting on ceramic plate, Green Man motif. Watercolour on paper.
 Above; drawing of the Leafy Ammonite, a fantastical creature. Coloured pencil on paper, A4.

Above; fantasy sketch, watercolour and coloured pencil on illustration board.
 Above; Colour study; Australian wild flower design. 

 Above, Water jug, stoneware, painted in the style of 14thC France

Above and below; My interpretation of the historical 14thC Exeter Puzzle Jug. 
Stoneware, slip painted.

 In my studio.

 Above and below, vessels inspired by Ancient Greek Kantharos (above) and Kylix (below), stoneware, slip painted.

Below; a view of work ready for a craft market.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Let's get it happening.

Well I must admit I had totally forgotten about my blog site, until I got some help with writing an artist’s resume and was prompted to Do Something with this by my friend Amica. I will bore you with my Artist Bio another day.
I am in my 6th decade, but I feel like I have just started to get serious about my artwork. Maybe that’s not unusual for my demographic. For almost all of my adult life, I have been involved with Medieval Re-enactment, and almost all of my art has revolved around that pursuit. Looking back, it’s been the perfect place for me – a community I have grown along with, and which now provides a worldwide network of artisans, collectors, participants, and an appreciative audience. I think it’s about time the art world recognised historical re-enactment as more than revisionist fantasy role playing. It’s become a very contemporary activity, involving a lot of creative people in many different fields all over the world, from film and photography to basket weaving, horsemanship to metallurgy, animal husbandry to cooking. People are now making a living from working full time in this arena, as artisans, fine arts practitioners, sportspeople, and tradespeople. Bigger than Ben-Hur, you might say. In the last 20 year I have been making pottery as well as other art forms and sold same through this network. In the last 5 years I have had sellout sales at some re-enactor events, particularly the yearly Rowany Festival in Mittagong, and this has given me the ability to upgrade my studio equipment, expand into a studio space in a co-op, and make travel plans in order to learn more and bring knowledge to my studio practise and expand my lines of ceramic works.
I think that’s enough for now. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will find some suitable photos to upload, and bore you some more about my work.
Thanks for your eyeball-time. Cheers, M